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The world‘s first relational AI Robot to make you happy.

Aiko Robot is a lovely robot for kids’ learning, loneliness in the elder and family entertainment.

For all ages.

Why Aiko Robot?

We have created Aiko for people who feel lonely at home. We have created Aiko for children who have some social-emotional or cognitive difficulties. We have created Aiko for those who want to care for and raise a life form such as a pet, but can't handle it or just want a little one to get excited when they return home. We have created Aiko for those who dream of science fiction robots seen in movies or books.

A robot that understands when it should and shouldn't cheers you. A robot that encourages empathy and love. A robot that grows with you.

We have created Aiko for you.

Aiko robot is the first robot in a new generation of relational AI robots. It goes beyond the simple social interactions you can have with other social devices or robots. Aiko learns to know you better, adapt to you and generate a long-term relationship with you: loving, powerful and unique. This is why you can use Aiko as a pet, playmate, educational mentor or simply as a friend to talk to.


This is the standard behaviour and you don’t need any extra Aiko services. Enjoy Aiko Robot as a little smart pet. It will surprise you everyday while exploring your home or answer to your voice commands. It includes free coding tools as Scratch and Aiko SDK.

If you want premium features and contents for your Aiko Robot, you have the Aiko services. 


For children ages 7-16. You will learn to code Aiko Robot getting an AI Foundation using Scratch and Python. In addition to coding, you will develop problem-solving, critical thinking and cooperation skills that are needed in any profession you decide to pursue.


For children ages 4-10, Aiko Robot could be a mentor for play-based learning and build socio-emotional skills that promote self-confidence and resiliency. Highly recommended for children with Autism and SEN.


For all ages, Aiko robot could be a new friend for having fun and chatting. It uses active listening techniques and play-based activities which build a strong bond that promote happiness and mental well-being.


For all family, Aiko Robot extends Friend behaviours to each member of the family, having a unique relationship with each one of them. Aiko becames a new member of the family. It’s the maximun level of relationship and evolution.

Be a little bit happier from today with Aisoy

Open the door to the future and become of a growing community of users around the world who already trust Aisoy Robots.


chidren aged 3 to 12 years develop their skills at home, school and with his therapist.


countries. 5 mainlands. From Spain to the far Away Australia.


personalized affective decisions to help children around the world.


years innovating in Emotional Artificial Intelligence

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