Airos 6

The world's most advanced emotional OS.

Airos is the brain that gives life and manages each Aisoy robot. It provides autonomy to our robots for making their own decisions, to know you better, to learn with you through new experiences and adapt its personality to you. Each Aisoy robot’s personality evolves uniquely thanks to Airos.

Airos 6 is our most advanced emotional system. It includes an improved dialogue engine to make speaking with it easier; a cognitive engine to analyze each situation taking into account what is happening in the moment, what happened in the past and what is likely to happen, as well as an emotional engine for making it feel and then make decisions.

Emotions. Infinite personalities. Unique robots.

Emotions - Emotional Engine

The emotional engine -Emotions- gives Aisoy robots a unique personality which evolves and adapts to you. Also, it allows for the development of other personalities for you, with other behaviors and knowledge. It can be more or less fun, more or less fearful and more or less naughty. The possibilities are endless. Each personality causes the robot to make decisions in a different way, always trying to reach the vital objectives defined by the new capability called Mentor. For that reason, each Aisoy robot is unique. And its behavior is too.

Learning, analysis and experience. The foundation of each decision.

aia - Cognitive Engine

To fulfill its functions, Airos needs to collect all data about what is happening in its environment using the robot’s sensorimotor system -Atmosphere-. That information is evaluated by aia, the cognitive engine, taking into account the objective of achieving a unique, personal experience. Because of that, its reactions could surprise you. They follow an internal logic. It is like using our common sense. When it proposes you play a math game, it is as result of its analysis which concludes that you need to stimulate your logic/reasoning intelligence and that you are more open to play that kind of game right now.

Chatting is fun!

Coloquo - Dialogue Engine

Airos 6 allows you to talk to it more easily. It tries to understand and answer you according to its comprehension and knowledge level. We don’t want you to talk to it about philosophy. We just want to ensure you have a good time going beyond the question-answer capabilities you have on your phone. Its knowledge level will increase with each update. In the beginning, the robot has general knowledge and then it will acquire specific knowledge about several areas (curricular and otherwise). Who knows. Maybe, after that, you could learn a little bit of philosophy with it.

* This capability requires Internet.
** It comprehension rate may decrease markedly in children under 10 years old.

Aisoy Mentor

Introducing Mentor. The Aisoy robots’ Laws.


These are not the Robotics’ Laws. But, they are something similar. Mentor has structured a set of vital objectives that are classified in several levels: security, comfort, interaction, play and multiples intelligences. The highest objective is to know and develop your multiples intelligences based on how you use your robot. Mentor will try to complete those objectives daily adapting its strategy and building your multiples intelligences profile which you can see in the Aisoy Lab app. The more you play and chat with it the more real your profile will be.

Personal music, sounds and pictures library.

Airos includes a music and sounds library which it uses as it wants to show its emotions which are sometimes reinforced by a picture in its mouth. Those resources are not only used by Airos. They are available for all Aisoy1 robots’ development tools: Scratch, Blockly and Airos SDK. We have gone even once step further. Now, you can personalize your programs even more. Airos allows you to update that library, storing your own sounds, music and pictures. They are always accessible for use in your own creations.

Botapps, games and programs for learning through play.

Aisoy1 KiK includes several free games and programs for Airos that you can use out-of-the-box. They are designed for children of many different ages. They include several areas that develop multiples intelligences through play. Much more is coming.

See Botapps

Aisoy Lab app for your Android and iOS devices.


The new Aisoy Lab app is the ideal extension of your Aisoy1 KiK robot. It not only provides you the Aisoy1’s Wi-Fi settings management, moreover you can use it as a robot remote controller.

There is more news. You can also use the Aisoy Lab app to know what games you have installed in Aisoy1 KiK. This will allow you to see them and run your games whenever you want. Finally, you can also code your robot using visual blocks. It is very easy to use and free.

Aisoy Lab

Scratch for learning to code.

If you want to learn to code using a computer you can use Scratch, the visual environment developed by MIT. Scratch is the world's most used environment (more than 150 countries) by children since 8 years old for learning to code, creative thinking, systematically reasoning and collaborative working. All these skills are key in the XXI century.

Scratch is available in two versions: ScratchX (online version) and Scratch Offline Edifor (desktop version).

* Scratch Offline Editor requieres the Airos Manager app.
Click here for learning more about Airos Manager.

It is available for the following platforms:

Airos SDK for developers.

Ranging from storytelling apps to advanced voice-control systems, from a new class of games to advanced robotics utility, Airos SDK enables you to build your dream project. If you are a developer or you want to build your own Botapps, you can do it using Airos SDK. With it you can use all available Aisoy1 KiK resources for your programs.

We have created the Airos SDK to give you unprecedented access to social robotics. Powerful but easy to use, complex but not complicated, and whose versatility allows to use it ranging from entertainment to research projects. We want you to enjoy it and be part of our growing developer community.

* Using Airos SDK requires Python.
Learn more Airos SDK here.

Airos and its updates are completely free.

Update Airos is simple and free. Airos 6 includes many improvements and new capabilities for your Aisoy1.

Airos 6 is compatible with Aisoy1 V5 and Aisoy1 KiK.