Aisoy1 KiK

Aisoy1 KiK

Developing multiples intelligences.
Playing and learning.

A smart robot, based on our propietary emotional engine, that adapts itself to your pace and ability.

Be ready for your future. It is an experience that is beneficial to your personal, emotional and social development. It’s also a fun way to introduce you to the amazing world of artificial intelligence.

1. Development of Multiples Intelligences.
Multiples intelligences (MI) are stimulated and developed through fun games played with the Aisoy1 KiK. It is engaging. It will proactively prompt you to play a little every day. As you play, it builds your MI profile and fits its strategy, speed and contents specifically to you.
2. Improve real life problem solving skills.
Aisoy1 KiK includes games on different topics: STEAM (STEM + Arts) and more. Learning to code, challenges and stimulates all MI. Through the coding process, you are developing your MI while at the same time stimulating your personal skills such as creativity, leadership and collaboration, not to mention enhancing your ability to engage in real-life problem solving.
3. Improve emotional management.
Playing with the Aisoy1 emotional robot has another advantage. It feels emotions, so you will improve your ability to empathize and solve emotional conflicts much in the same way as you would with your friends.

Thousands of children worldwide have learned STEAM knowledge and have improved their comprehension, reasoning and problem solving skill by using Aisoy1 robots.

Using the Aisoy1 robot for learning to code is 3x better than using Lego Mindstorms and 5x better than using a computer in children under 10 years old.







Become a play director and actor!

Art: Robotic Play, Movies, Storytelling.

Creative play is an activity where you can take part in the development of the “arts” aspect of multiples intelligences by: conceptualizing and developing a script, structuring the scenes, designing and creating the costumes and stages, coding the scenes, dialogues and choreography. It is a complete creative experience. Making with Aisoy1 is much more fun. Creativity in abundance!

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Learn math and languages through play

Science, Math and Language: Botapps for developing all multiples intelligences.

Understanding and learning Science, Math and other languages is more fun and efficient if you do so playing with Aisoy1. Enjoy solving challenges and problems. Think about alternatives, put them into practice, evaluate the results and do it again for improving the solutions. Solve the challenges that Aisoy1 proposes to you all the while, developing your personal skills.

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Learn to code an Artificial Intelligence

Technology: Artificial Intelligence, Videogames, Games

Most of videogames you know include an Artificial Intelligence inside which makes them more interesting, addictive and fun for you. Would you like to know how they work? Aisoy1 KiK is an Artificial Intelligence as well thanks to Airos, our Emotional Engine. Would you like to code it? Would you like to teach it to play new games as well as play smarter? You have more tools for that: Scratch, Blockly, Airos SDK and Python. You can start from a basic to more complex level depending upon your knowledge. Unleash your imagination and make your Aisoy1 KiK smarter.

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Aisoy1 KiK

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