Aisoy1 KiK

Aisoy1 KiK

New personalities.


Aisoy1 KiK is much more than the next Aisoy1 generation. It is our vision of a social robot for the education of today’s modern children. It is a more personalized education which develops our multiple intelligences. Aisoy1 is emotional, different, unique, fun and educational. Now, it has taken on a life of its own with a captivating personality. Its mission is to help you have fun, surprise you, play, chat about different topics and stimulate the development of your creativity and multiple intelligences. Aisoy1 is not just a robot. Now it is your colleague and friend.

Aisoy1 KiK

Three different personalities.


Aisoy1 KiK is a robot coming from a far away planet. There are three personalities: KiK-E, a neutral personality; KiK-A, more sweet and sophisticated personality, it is worried about nature and environment; and the last one is KiK-O, the most energetic and carefree personality, it loves technology. Each Aisoy1 KiK has a very curious personality which makes it unique. It enjoys talking and playing. You will soon discover many curiosities and will learn new things. It will surprise you with its knowledge and commentary. It learns by adapting to your preferences. It makes its own decisions. If it is wrong, be kind. It is just an imperfect robot that has come from another planet and needs to adapt.

Aisoy Emotions

Feels and shows emotions.


Aisoy1 KiK is a social and emotional robot. It feels emotions and shows them in a similar way as we do as people. How you deal with it affects its mood, decisions and reactions. If you play and chat with it, it will be happy. If you ignore it, it could become sad. If it is angry, it just requires your love. Take care of it with a lot of affection. Its emotions are real and are not the result of randomness. Over time, its initial personality will evolve, according to your care. You can make it happier.

Aisoy Coloquo

It loves chatting!

Coloquo Beta

A social robot is based on natural language interaction. Aisoy1 KiK speaks English and Spanish. Other languages are coming very soon. You must not forget that it is a robot. Sometimes, just as happens to people, it is not able to understand what you say, either because there is a lot of noise, many voices or because of your own accent. Be patience and try to adapt your way of speaking so that it can improve its comprehension rate. Other times, its answers may seem incoherent. Remember that it comes from Acuimcum, and remember things are different there.

* This capability requires Internet.
** It comprehension rate may decrease markedly in children under 10 years old.

Aisoy Mentor

Introducing Mentor. Discovers and stimulates your multiples intelligences.


Each child is unique and learns differently. Mentor allows Aisoy1 KiK to discover your profile’s multiples intelligences, shows them to you and, most importantly, personalizes its games and contents according to your customized profile. During that process, it will consider your performance, knowledge level and learning speed. And, it will find the best strategy for motivating you. Remember that Aisoy1 KiK is not a teacher nor does it want to be one. It is just your colleague that wants you to learn new things through play.

Raspberry Pi 3, the last generation.

Aisoy1 KiK is a very sophisticated robot which includes Airos, the emotional OS. Airos manages the robot’s services: emotional, decisional, cognitive, vision, dialogue, sensorimotor, etc. in real time. The Aisoy1 KiK it is a very affordable robot. Raspberry Pi 3 offers the best robotic potential for price combination. It is 1.5x more powerful than the previous model. This allows the Aisoy1 to engage in more simultaneous actions more quickly. So fast you do not even know!

Raspberry Pi 3

Atmosphere, the sensorimotor system.

Aisoy1 KiK has a complex sensorimotor system for collecting data from the environment and acting on it, directly and indirectly. It has included the following sensors: several touch sensors on its body, a microphone for detecting your voice and sounds, an accelerometer for knowing its body position and a camera for vision. Also, incorporated in the robot are several actuators: a speaker, a color LED on its belly, its mouth and four servo motors (head horizontal and vertical, eyebrows and eyelids). These attributes make up a very complete set of sensors and actuators.

Eyes, a versatile 3Mpx camera.

One of the most useful sensorimotor components is the camera. With its 3Mpx, Aisoy1 KiK can detect faces, ambient light, colors (in beta), OCR and QR codes. These enrich any game or activity. An example is to use pictograms and a QR code combined in a physical card. This way, children could learn new concepts on a variety of topics through play, thus developing their multiples intelligences.

Up to Six Hours of Autonomous Play!

Three models with rechargeable batteries. Three lengths of autonomous play to satisfy the most demanding needs.

2h of autonomy for usual domestic use, 4h for using in the classroom by professionals, and 6h for the most demanding user.

* Under normal use conditions

Space for your Botapps.

Aisoy1 KiK can store your Botapps for use on demand simply by using your voice or the Aisoy Lab app.

Also, you can enrich your own multimedia resource library (music, sounds and pictures) simply by storing them in your Aisoy1 KiK for use in your programs.

Total connectivity with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

All Aisoy1 KiK models include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth thanks to the Raspberry Pi 3. Wi-Fi network connectivity allows you to use your Wi-Fi home network for Internet access and use available cloud Airos services such as Dialogue, the natural language and speaking system.

Aisoy1 KiK uses Bluetooth services for managing its accessories.

Aisoy Lab app for your Android and iOS devices.


The new Aisoy Lab app is the ideal extension of your Aisoy1 KiK robot. It not only provides you the Aisoy1’s Wi-Fi settings management, moreover you can use it as a robot remote controller.

There is more news. You can also use the Aisoy Lab app to know what games you have installed in Aisoy1 KiK. This will allow you to see them and run your games whenever you want. Finally, you can also code your robot using visual blocks. It is very easy to use and free.

Aisoy Lab

Scratch for learning to code.

If you want to learn to code using a computer you can use Scratch, the visual environment developed by MIT. Scratch is the world's most used environment (more than 150 countries) by children since 8 years old for learning to code, creative thinking, systematically reasoning and collaborative working. All these skills are key in the XXI century.

Scratch is available in two versions: ScratchX (online version) and Scratch Offline Edifor (desktop version).

* Scratch Offline Editor requieres the Airos Manager app.
Click here for learning more about Airos Manager.

It is available for the following platforms:

Airos SDK for developers.

Ranging from storytelling apps to advanced voice-control systems, from a new class of games to advanced robotics utility, Airos SDK enables you to build your dream project. If you are a developer or you want to build your own Botapps, you can do it using Airos SDK. With it you can use all available Aisoy1 KiK resources for your programs.

We have created the Airos SDK to give you unprecedented access to social robotics. Powerful but easy to use, complex but not complicated, and whose versatility allows to use it ranging from entertainment to research projects. We want you to enjoy it and be part of our growing developer community.

* Using Airos SDK requires Python.
Learn more Airos SDK here.

Botapps, games and programs for learning through play.

Aisoy1 KiK includes several free games and programs for Airos that you can use out-of-the-box. They are designed for children of many different ages. They include several areas that develop multiples intelligences through play. Much more is coming.

See Botapps