Aisoy1 for Autism

A special robot.
For children with special needs.

Aisoy1 is an interactive emotional robor which provides children with special needs an extraordinary and powerful affective relationship. Through fun educational games and activities, those children develop their social, cognitive, motor and emotional skills, increasing their selfconfidence, security and autonomy.

Aisoy Robotics work together with research organizations as Clínica Universitaria UMH for developing new tools and therapies designed specifically for children with these needs. The number of children with special needs are growing fast, but technological solutions for them not. Aisoy Robotics is committed to search new solutions that help these people (children and their families), for making therapies increasingly effective and easy to follow, and also, for making technology more affordable for everyone. Thanks to that, every day more people benefit from our technology.

Encourages its development.

Aisoy1 provides children with special needs a new way of playing, learning and development.

Using the emotional link, Aisoy1 gives them a smart and predictable behaviour which generates a safety pacefulness ambience. Common actions which make easier their learning process: if you flip it, it gets angry, if you lay it down, it falls asleep, if you caress it, it becomes happy.

For Specialists and for home.

We will include a guide designed by therapists very soon.

We are improving continually. For that reason, Aisoy1 will include a set of games an activities which could be used by therapists, parents and children at clinics and at home.