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Say hello to Boti, the new pre-school assistant


Say hello to Boti, the Santillana's new preschool assistant

The future comes to the preschool teachers from the hand of Santillana and Aisoy Robotics. A new robot-assistant to help the teacher in the classroom and motivate children to facilitate their learning.

  • Boti is a technologically advanced robot assistant offering a pioneering and revolutionary learning experience around the world.

  • Boti combines the most advanced in robotics and emotional artificial intelligence to facilitate and motivate the learning of curricular content.

Elche, July 1, 2021.

Santillana and Aisoy Robotics have signed an agreement for the development of Boti, an assistant robot for the preschool teacher. This project responds to the concern of both companies to stay at the forefront of educational innovation. Boti opens the doors to the future by being a pioneering educational experience worldwide.

Boti is a robot that proposes a cognitive and emotional learning experience designed for the first years (3-6 years). It is a social and educational robot. It is social, because it interacts with children using mainly the voice and sight; and it is educational, because it allows curricular activities to be carried out. Boti seeks that children learn and reinforce curricular concepts. And also that they increase their motivation towards learning, thanks to the creation of an emotional connection between the children and Boti himself. Its main benefits are:

  • Strengthens competencies and curricular content in a playful context.
  • Encourages the direct, spontaneous and independent interaction of the little ones.

The use in the classroom of a robot that speaks, recognizes objects and children, responds to contact and learns thanks to artificial intelligence, it is not only a magical tool for children but it is also very useful since it allows to work and improve multiple skills . :

Cooperation: teamwork is encouraged. The activities are carried out in groups, which means that the children have to organize, listen, establish roles.

Research: Research is encouraged. A robot is a motivational tool that invites activities and stimulates creativity, experimentation and undiscovered satisfaction.

Diversity: the individual interaction of the child with the robot and the monitoring of their achievements allows a personalized learning rhythm that generates self-confidence in the child.

Self-esteem: having a robot in front of us allows the student not to feel judged by her mistakes or to feel the insecurity that our classmates inevitably cause us.

Innovation: the presence of such a special new resource helps make the learning experience meaningful and link learning across disciplines.

Flexibility: working with a robot is easily adapted to the different methodologies applied in the classroom or to the specific characteristics of working with children.

Learning: logical, analytical and critical thoughts are developed and problem solving is deepened. Observing the robot also helps to anticipate situations and for children to draw their own conclusions about its behavior.

Luis Guillermo Bernal, Santillana's Director of Global Content, comments on this project: “The challenge of introducing technology in preschool is enormous. It has been frankly difficult, due to the specific characteristics of this stage. That is why we developed Boti, an assistant robot for the preschool teacher. With the ability to recognize didactic experiences of mathematics and language (soon also in English), this robot can help the teacher to have a clarity of the learning progress of the girls and boys of this school stage”.

For José Manuel del Río, CEO of Aisoy Robotics, “this project represents a great advance in the use of educational emotional robotics since it combines in a balanced way the development of cognitive intelligence and the emotional intelligence of children, both fundamental for the future professional performance and prevention of mental health problems”.

Aisoy Robotics continues to take steps to fulfill its mission of building robots that improve people's lives, in this case, in education.

About Santillana
Santillana is the leading publisher in Latin America and is present in all the countries of the region. We have a very broad innovation agenda and we are dedicated to improving the learning of our children and youth and forming them as whole human beings.

About Aisoy Robotics
Aisoy is an industry-leading robotics and artificial intelligence company creating lovely next-generation emotional robots to revolutionize human-centered entertainment, care, education and well-being that help to improve your quality of life.

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