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The future comes to the preschool teachers from the hand of Santillana and Aisoy Robotics. A new robot-assistant to help the teacher in the classroom and motivate children to facilitate their learning.

Each day is more usual to find people using social robots for helping children with autism. And here we have summarized the most popular in this field.
It's a trick question. There is no reason to choose one or the other. Rather, it is about one taking you to the other and to other subjects. However, the competence of Learning to Learn is not usually given the same importance, even though both are important. In the previous blog post we talked about the importance of developing soft-skills in children’s education and how social robots can play an important role. We put creativity as an example due to its public interest, although there are others that are perhaps even more important due to the benefit they provide, such as Learning to Learn.