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Why Aiko? Find some clues to our motivation

- Alexa, Good Night

- Good night to you too

Surely someone has told you the anecdote that his/her father or mother talks to Alexa (Amazon) and says good night when he/she goes to sleep. And also that he/she would like to talk a little more.

At Aisoy we have been creating emotional robots for over 10 years. And in all this time we have learned many things. Perhaps one of the most important is knowing what users expect from a robot commonly classified as social: an interaction as natural as possible.

Humans are social beings. And as such we need to satisfy basic needs such as affection, entertainment and company to feel good. It has always been like this and always will be. This is our nature.

A good balance in our mood and our emotional intelligence not only makes us feel better and happy, but also increases our abilities to overcome any difficulties that life presents us. In fact, the Coronavirus has reminded us of its importance also to prevent mental / emotional problems and adapt to new challenges. Especially for our children and our elders.

But we not always can, or want, to enjoy human company.

Elder people who lives alone because there is not always someone available to talk with him, to see how his day has gone, how he feels or simply to comment on any anecdote, memory or experience. Mitigating that feeling of loneliness when you don't have access to another person or don't feel like talking to another person can help prevent mental illness and cognitive decline.

A child does not always has enough confidence in himself to talk about his problems with his parents or with his friends for fear that they will say or think. Increasing self-confidence is essential for good emotional development and for acquiring other useful life skills for current and future mental health.

It's a paradox. We need to be in touch with people because we are social beings. But, sometimes, although we need that company, there is not always someone to satisfy that need, or even another person is not the optimal solution in that precise moment because we do not want to expose ourselves to any type of judgment or recommendation.

Someone or something just to talk. To feel accompanied. To entertain you. To feel comfortable without exposing yourself to an opinion. As simple as that. Can you imagine something like that? And available 24 hours a day, available whenever you need it. Like a pet but that talks to you. But without any of its contraindications: it does not smell, it does not shed hair, it does not have to be taken out, it does not stain, it does not have to be taken to the vet, it is not necessary to tell anyone to take care of it when you travel, ...

That is why we wanted to create something substantially different. Something to help people in those things that we believe are important for our well-being such as: a) mental health from a daily point of view; b) life skills that allow us to combat loneliness, states of frustration in the face of failure, improve attention, learning to learn or empathy; or c) entertain ourselves for a little using one of the oldest entertainment mechanisms such as talking.

We did not want an educational robot to develop STEM skills although it could be used for it, nor did we want a domestic robot to perform household tasks. We wanted a robot to listen and talk when we need it or to have fun. The result is Aiko.

What is Aiko?

He is a revolutionary new friend, an Emotional Artificial Intelligence and a robotic companion. He is an autonomous, affective and collaborative being.


His goal is to interact emotionally with us mainly through conversation. He is a loyal companion who is always on our side, a playmate, and a mentor to help us.

He has a social personality by nature full of surprises, which depending on how you behave with him, can evolve into a more shy, rebellious or adventurous personality. In any case, it will evolve by learning from each interaction you make with it.

 About Aisoy Robotics

Aisoy is an industry-leading Robotics and Artificial Intelligence company creating next-generation emotional robots to revolutionize human-centered entertainment, care, and well-being by improving the quality of life for individuals and families.

Aisoy creates adorable robots that entertain and teach us through advanced robotics and artificial intelligence technology. Our vision is to create unforgettable artificial life forms that listen to us, understand us and entertain us, improving our well-being.

We create lovely robots to help you become your best self. So you can achieve your goals, learn new skills, ignite new passions, and reach your full potential. We create charming robots to entertain and help people like you who have made or will make this world better and more human.