Welcome to Aisoy Lab.

Play, create, learn and share.
Use Aisoy1, let fly your imagination and bring it to life.

Introducing Aisoy Lab App

Personal and professional children's future stars with their current education. Connect Aisoy1 to Aisoy Lab app for learning to code, solving challenges, learning through play. Encourages their curiosity through the Aisoy1's emotional magic.

Remote control

Manage your Aisoy1 robot with a finger.

Run Botapps

Run Aisoy's Botapps, Community's Botapps or your own Botapps from the app.

Visual programming

Based on Scratch Blocks, learn to code easily.

Settings and monitoring

Besides managing Aisoy1's data and updating it, for the first time you will be able to see its vital and emotional state and your multiples intelligences profile.

Encourages his creativity.
Develop his Multiples Intelligences.

Director, actor and theatre player. Storyteller. Learn English. Maths and mental agility. Artificial Intelligence.
Apps, games and challenges for learning through play.

See Botapps

Aisoy Lab, your source of resources

For PC, Tablets and Smartphones. Special contents for developing Multiples Intelligences.

1. Imagine.
Define the problem you want to solve. For example, to teach Aisoy1 to play tic-tac-toe.
2. Discover.
Explore the solutions, difficulty level, risks and viability. Be inspired by other people who have already solved it.
3. Create, enjoy and share.
Transform your idea and solution into code using easy visual programming. Enjoy seeing how your creation is growing. Let other people be inspired by your solution sharing it with the community.