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Un robot relacional de IA es un robot social evolucionado que aprovecha las capacidades clásicas de los robots sociales y que utiliza la inteligencia artificial para construir una relación afectiva más sólida y pensando en el medio y largo plazo. Dicho de otra forma, cada interacción contigo cuenta más allá de la propia interacción. Para aprender y conocerte mejor. Para evolucionar su personalidad. Para adaptar su comportamiento a ti.

Simple de explicar. Difícil de crear.

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El futuro llega al profesorado de preescolar de la mano de Santillana y Aisoy Robotics. Un nuevo robot-asistente para ayudar al profesor en el aula y motivar a los niños para facilitar su aprendizaje.

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Each day is more usual to find people using social robots for helping children with autism. And here we have summarized the most popular in this field.
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There was a time when video games and programming shared children's leisure time equally. They found satisfaction in both activities and in a natural way they found time to do both with important benefits for them. However, today, this balance has been broken, unbalancing the development of key skills for children.
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Can robots help to improve mental health? Can they even do better than humans? If the answer for both questions was no, this blog entry would simply not exist.
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Aisoy EMO is a robot for children with Autism and other Special Needs. It is a fantastic tool to aid in the development of logical-maths, reading, and social-emotional skills. Find out why.
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It's a trick question. There is no reason to choose one or the other. Rather, it is about one taking you to the other and to other subjects. However, the competence of Learning to Learn is not usually given the same importance, even though both are important. In the previous blog post we talked about the importance of developing soft-skills in children’s education and how social robots can play an important role. We put creativity as an example due to its public interest, although there are others that are perhaps even more important due to the benefit they provide, such as Learning to Learn.
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Is your child creative? Did you get a better or worse grade in creativity than in mathematics? Do you think creativity is important for his future? Have you ever signed him up in a creative activity? Are you planning to do it? And what do you think of him self-esteem? Is he easily frustrated? What do you do to improve that besides talking to him? How do you work it? Are you one of those who thinks that life will teach him with ‘blows’? Social robots are a good tool to help your children, and that makes you better parents. Not by buying him a social robot, but by being proactive in helping him to develop his full potential as a person and professional in the face of an uncertain future. And, yes, creativity matters.

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In this post we give our vision about what happened to the first generation of social robots and why the second is already here, and it will be something very exciting that you cannot miss. Will they be like the ones in the WestWorld series? Why do we choose R2-D2?


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We launched our new blog to talk about the new robotic companions that are gradually being introduced into our homes and schools: social robots. But, in addition to being a cool and eye-catching device, what practical uses have for children? What benefits do they bring them?
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