Our mission and vision

Adorable robots for fun learning.


Create adorable robots that entertain and teach us through advanced emotional robotics technology.


Create unforgettable artificial life-forms that listen to us, understand us and entertain us, improving our well-being.

A little bit of our adventure

Aisoy Robotics started the revolution of social robotics in Spain in 2009 creating the first consumer social robot, Aisoy 1, destined to be one more member of the family. A robot unlike anything that exists to date. Revolutionary, emotional and democratic.

Since then it has continued to create new artificial life forms dedicated to improving people’s well-being and education using the latest advances in affective robotics and artificial intelligence.

Our team

Aisoy Key People

CEO Mission

Jose Manuel del Río


Our CEO is a dreamer. In the past 15 years, he has launched several technology startups with a common base: artificial intelligence. He loves technology, especially robots, AI, and video games. This passion inspires and directs him from his childhood when his parents gifted him his first computer.

For this reason, he also wants to give the new generations exceptional experiences that amuse, inspire and help them for their future.

He has always dreamed that one day the robots from the movies he watched as a child would become a reality. And that Aisoy Robotics will be the creator of the robots that will accompany us daily in that future.

David Ríos


He is our scientific director and a genious of the maths. Share the vision of our CEO. His specialty is game theory applied to decision making. Yours is the emotional engine design included in Airos. Among his multiple merits is that of being the youngest member of the Royal Spanish Academy of Sciences since 2008.

Our lab

The Aisoy Team works every day at our headquarters in Elche, Alicante, Spain.

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