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Aiko Mentor

Play-based learning with a magical robotic Mentor

Aiko Mentor Services are Aisoy Subscription Services that add to Aiko Friend Services unlimited access to a growing collection of over 100 activities and games for Aiko robot to promote your family’s social, emotional and cognitive growth through fun, play-based learning.

Aiko Robot
Adaptive Aiko

Learn languages speaking

Gain confidence with your listening and speaking. Leave your shyness behind. Practice, practice and practice. Aiko is always available to practice with you. Learn English and Spanish as no other device can offer you.

For ages 6 to 12 years.

Get Aiko Languages for 14.95€/month or 149.16€/year.

*This service requires an Aiko Robot.

A special new friend por children with SEN

Aiko SEN is a set of activities for children with autism and other special needs. Aiko is a predictable and tireless new friend. It does not criticize. And it encourages the, motivation, attention confidence and autonomy of children.

The activities are divided into the following blocks:

Socio-emotional. It includes activities for learning useful strategies for daily life as well as the recognition and regulation of emotions.

Reading-writing.This block facilitates language development and increased attention.

Logical mathematical. Includes activities for learning mathematical concepts and solving problems.

For ages 4 to 12 years. Available languages: English, Spanish.

Get Aiko SEN for 19.95€/month or 199.08€/year.

*This service requires an Aiko Robot.

Aiko SEN
Aiko SEN

Fosters curiosity and creativity

Aiko STEAM provides interactive feedback and guidance to you based on play-based learning activities as you experiment and make discoveries about your physical environment, teaching you skills like scientific thinking, inquiry, physics, logic, math, geometry, productive dialogue and collaboration. Aiko’s specialized AI technologycombined with hands-on learning turns you into little scientist.

For ages 8 to 14 years. Available languages: English, Spanish.

Get Aiko STEAM for 24.95€/month or 249.00€/year.

*This service requires an Aiko Robot.

No commitment. Plan automatically renews monthly until cancelled.

Aiko Robot