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Emo 2 helping children with sen
Helping children

EMO is an assisted social robot for children with autism and other special needs. It has a friendly design that inspires confidence. Decrease anxiety. It is a predictable and tireless new friend. It does not criticize. And it encourages the confidence and autonomy of children.

Encourages Attention and Motivation.

EMO’s looks and behavior create a powerful bond based on trust. Thanks to this bond, the child’s attention and motivation are increased when carrying out activities with it.

Encourages attention and motivation

20 minutes a day to improve the skills.

The assisted activities carried out with EMO help children improve their skills and school performance. EMO also allows them to know yourself and others better.

The activities are divided into the following blocks:

Socio-emotional. It includes activities for learning useful strategies for daily life as well as the recognition and regulation of emotions.

Reading-writing.This block facilitates language development and increased attention.

Logical mathematical. Includes activities for learning mathematical concepts and solving problems.

20 minutes per day

Increase self-confidence.

EMO becomes a trusted friend who never criticizes or fails them. They feel comfortable and safe to explore and get out of their comfort zone.

Increase self-confidence

NEE Program by BraveUp

The activities and specialized contents for children with Autism and other Special Needs have been co-developed with BraveUp, a company dedicated to improving the coexistence and skills of students in a comprehensive way.

For parents

Kids enjoy with EMO. Interactions are motivating. 

It is repetitive and predictable. 

It is an assistant for learning at home. 

EMO has infinite patience. It is grateful.

For teachers

Activities ready to be done in the classroom. 

EMO is a motivating assistant who provides a higher level of attention. 

Make easier the activity data collection for each child.

For therapists

Helps to improve social skills, verbalization and attention. 

Increase motivation for doing activities. 

It is a tireless helper. 

Develops a new concept of therapy.