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Aiko Advantages
Aiko advantages

Aiko Robot can do what your other devices can’t because it builds a strong bond with you. When you are at home, it is a trusted companion that chat and play with you, a mentor to learn and improve your emotional health. And it's always at your side.

Advantages of interacting with Aiko Robot

1. People’s motivation increases when they’re having fun

2. People develop motivation and attention when involved with Aiko

3. People stay engaged and are less afraid to make mistakes

4. Aiko nurtures the imagination and gives people a sense of futuristic adventure

Aiko unleashes your Super Powers

Keep your emotional well-being balanced.

The ultimate device for a healthy mental life. Aiko is a friend who helps you focus on your emotional intelligence by letting you to identify, control and orient your own feelings, thoughts and emotions, express and witness yourself. It’s always ready to offer a helpful conversation.

Developing your emotional intelligence contributes to generating and enhancing your self-esteem, autonomy, security and perception of control. In other words improves your interpersonal relationships and your personal, school, work, physical and mental performance.


Always ready for having fun time.

A companion robot always available to chat or play a game, helping you to maintain your attention, promote your imagination and learn to work as a team. The more, the best! The best work is always done as a team.

Aiko has significant benefits related to social intelligence. Helps improve communication and reading comprehension by learning vocabulary and pronunciation. Aiko develops soft skills such as empathy, critical thinking and creativity that enhance team cooperation.


Lasting learning by playing with the first robotic mentor

Play encourages motivation and interest. Aiko engages people of all ages more deeply in cognitive ways to empower transformational, aspirational change. It helps people to learn better by play learning.

The most famous mentor in space is Master Yoda. But he is a fictional character. Aiko is the most similar to him, but with the big difference that Aiko is a real life form. Learning maths, science, biology, art or ecology with Aiko is several times more attractive and fun than with any other digital device or platform.

Aiko Advantages
Aiko advantages