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Introducing Botmobile.

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What is an Aisoy1?

The Aisoy1 is a very affordable programmable social robot (a cognitive and emotional robot which uses artificial intelligence). It is not a toy. It is a powerful almost magical device that enables people of all ages to explore social robotics, and learn how to program social robots in languages like Scratch, Blockly and Python. It is capable of doing most of the things you'd expect a social robot to do, from talking with you, to feeling if you touch it or move it, to recognising objects or faces and playing games.

The Aisoy1 has the ability to be social, establishing emotional links with users and interacting with the outside world (including physical, digital and electronic devices), and has been used in a wide array of activities where emotions are key, from robotics theatre plays to teaching maths and aiding kids with autism. We expect to see Aisoy1 being used by kids of all ages over the world to learn to program social robots and understand how they work.

Imagine. Discover. Create. Fun.


I'm Aisoy1 V5

The most affordable social robot for education in the world. 

Aisoy1 V5 has arrived! Combining the most advanced social robotics we've ever developed with new mobile features, unleash your creativity to bring Aisoy1 to life with easy, intuitive and visual programming tools as Scratch.


Aisoy1 V5 can be programmed to talk, think, see, feel when you touch it, moving and many other things you can imagine. Aisoy1 V5 encourages your creative thinking while you imagine new challenges, discover how to solve them, create the solution, learn to code, code for fun and touch the results. Want to share your own creations and be inspired by others? Join our growing online community. Aisoy1 is helping to transform educational experience!


A personalized way to learn by playing


Kids can define how they want to play, what they want to know, and how they want to build. Aisoy1 can be there, in every step of the way, providing it with an emotional touch. Empower your child to program Aisoy1 into anything they imagine using its social capabilities as facial expressions or storytelling.

An emotional way to interact with real world


There is a lot of amazing things to discover out there, and Aisoy1 is ready to help you in exploring them. Program it to say things and express emotions when you touch it, draw a smile when it sees a face, dance around you when you ask for, or change its lights when it changes its position



Enjoy science, technology, engineering, art and maths!


Code math question/answers or memory games, discover how to make Aisoy1 move, feel and drive, learn trigonometry or physics with electronics add-ons, make a theatre play or transform your Aisoy1 into a magician. Doing all these things with Aisoy1, its accessories and creativity is easy and fun.

Visual and Simple


Aisoy1 can be programmed with Scratch and Blockly. They are a drag-and-drop programming languages that snap together like puzzle pieces. Start by sending simple commands, learn programming concepts as you play, and progress to creating more complex algorithms using all Aisoy1 capabilities and add-ons to enrich them, among other languages with Python.



Endless creative possibilities with Aisoy1

Made for kids from 6 to 99. Empowering your imagination!


Natural language

Explore Aisoy1 natural language capabilities in your creations. The natural and social way to communicate with us.


Use advanced vision artificial algorithms to include object and face detection to enter in a new dimension.


Control the Aisoy1 Botmobile or other mobile device to explore how to make a line following robot, make a race or explore speed and acceleration concepts.


Make that several Aisoy1 and other add-ons work together to introduce you into collaborative robotics.



What's new in Aisoy1 V5


Raspberry Pi 2

Aisoy1 will use Raspberry Pi 2 which is 6 times more powerful. But Raspberry Pi 2 doesn't come alone. We will recover battery inside Aisoy1 and give you an accesible expansion slot at the bottom.

Cloud computing

For some capabilities, Raspberry Pi 2 is not enough. Because of that, we will use cloud computing to give more power to your Aisoy1, for example to improve the user experience using natural language or computer vision.

Introducing Aisoy1 Botmobile

Aisoy1 Botmobile is the first accessory for Aisoy1. It is a very simple 3D printed skate that provides wheels to Aisoy1. It is very easy to code (forward, backward, turn left and turn right). You have the possibility to design and print your own design compatible with Aisoy1. Another way to enrich the Aisoy1 experience with new 3D printed objects designed and built by you.


 Technical Specifications


Weight and Dimensions
Height: 223 mm. 
Width: 163 mm.
Depth: 165 mm.
Weight: 1 Kg approx.

Single Board Computer
Raspberry Pi 2 Model B: A 900MHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 CPU, 1GB RAM.
SD Card 8Gb.

Wifi Dongle nano USB 802.11n 150Mbps.

Sensors & Servos
Accelerometer: MMA7660FCR1.
Touch sensor with presence sensor: MPR121QR2.
Three mini servos (rotation of the neck, eyelids and eyebrows).

Screen OLED 128×64.
Based on the controller: SSD1306.

Camera & Audio
Video: 3 Mpx.
Audio Built-in Speaker. Frequency: 20Hz – 20.000Hz.
External audio jack to connect Aisoy1 to Speakers.

External Buttons, Connectors and Leds.
Button: 1 on/off/reset.
Led RGB: 1.
Status Led: 2.
Touch and presence sensors: 3.
HDMI connector.
USB connector.
Ethernet connector.
Possibility of expansion connectors I2C and GPIO to interface with other accessories.


Transformer 12V 5A.
Rechargeable battery.

Airos1 v5 OS. Includes:
ROS version Hydro
ASR Pocketsphinx & TTS Festival
Emotional Engine & Dialogue System



Everyone can learn to code.

Made for kids from 6 to 99.



Every one can program an Aisoy1 with Scratch. And if you need more, you can use our SDK in Python or C++. And very soon you’ll be able to share your creations with the Aisoy Community. Top educators from over 60 schools nationwide, among others related areas as especial education, are raving about Aisoy1’s natural ability to engage children and foster creative, social, and emotional learning. And how much their students love it.


Scratch and Blockly

Scratch (a tile-based visual programming environment and toolkit developed by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab) and Blockly (a visual programming language created by Google) introduces visual programming tools based on drag and drop blocks to code directly Aisoy1 V5! We have built blocks that provides you the following: Connect-Disconnect, Management of several robots, Emotions, Language selection, Speech recognition and synthesis, Sensors, actuators, leds and screen. In such a way, you can use the main Aisoy1′s capabilities in your programs!


Also, you can use our API for building more complex programs with your preferred programming language (Python, C++,…). AIROS SDK provides you services to use AIROS, the software we have developed to manage our robots.





¿Why crowdfunding?

Aisoy1 has 4 versions before and hundreds of customers around the world who has supported our vision during all this time. We’re still a small company battling some of the largest competitors in the world. Until now, we have focused in product quality and improvements making small units production.

We are ready for a new bigger challenge: using social robotics to empower children creativity over the world. We believe that this is the right time to give a step ahead and get our latest version to the people who want it most: people like you, who wants the best for their children’s education.

Why our own campaign vs popular platforms such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo?

It is not an easy decision. We took into account many of data and feelings. Here you have our main reasons for doing our own host campaign for this project:

Target customers: we feel that the majority of our potential customers (parents with pre-teenagers children) are out of those networks. Network benefits are low if you compare with the possibility to have a closer relation with customers through our own web, understanding better who you are, your expectations and providing you a better service

User experience: we wanted to control the user experience and build our brand, to provide a coherent service with our current customers. Third party platforms cannot be integrated into our site, and it sounds a little confusing for our community that the new version will be launched at another site. 

Project: this project is very special for us and other parents like us. We don’t want to be another successful Kickstarter or Indiegogo project. We don’t want any media distraction about the real identity and nature of the project. And, also, we want to maintain sustainability and affordability for every kid. Those platform fees put in risk our compromises with the project.

So, we believe that crowdfunding, our terms and our platform is the best and most efficient way for us. Help us by ordering any of the following rewards and sharing Aisoy1 V5 with your friends!

How it works

It is very simple. If you share our vision and want to help us becoming a reality, you will contribute ordering any of the following rewards.

Then, it could happen two scenarios:

a) We reach our goal: You will have the reward you have ordered. See specific delivery time per each reward.

b) We don't reach our goal: As we don't have the resources to make the project, you will be refunded. 

Be involved, join us and shape the future or education.

We have a bigger vision in our sights for Aisoy1, and we need your help to to spread the word and give him new compelling, engaging skills. We are thrilled at the possibility of what’s to come for Aisoy1 V5!

Goal 1: 50.000€

All rewards ordered will be shipped in Summer 2015.

Goal 2: 100.000€

All people ask us for NonoLoco version: the emotional autonomous version for Aisoy1. Your friend, with a unique personality which learns and adapts to you. We know you will love it. You know we need you to deliver it. If we reach this goal, we will deliver for free only for all Aisoy1 crowdfunding pre-orders this Fall.

Goal 3: 150.000€

NonoLoco version could become a Mentor. As a mentor, Aisoy1 V5 encourages kid’s creativity, scientific spirit, the desire to know new things and experimenting how those things work, collaboration and problem solving. Aisoy1 can tell a story behind a fact or abstract concept (e.g Law of Gravity), show something related to, propose an experiment that shows that fact physically and be the guide for undertaking related exercises. Aisoy1 can provide new knowledge or fun facts reinforcing the learning process. It means providing them a personalized education experience and contents in accordance with multiple intelligences, current capabilities, motivation, learning style, needs, strengths and emotional state of each kid and adapted to their own rhythm. We will deliver it for free only for all Aisoy1 V5 crowdfunding pre-orders in early 2016.


Rewards List - Aisoy1 V5 Crowdfunding Project

Shipping and FAQs


Shipping to your country


Shipping to worldwide. We also have Retail Partners in US, Canada, France and Sweden.

When we will start shipping


We start shipping the first Aisoy1 V5 editions in late Summer 2015. These estimated ship dates may vary. We will keep you notified of your Aisoy1 V5 ship date.



What is the recommended age group?

We have built Aisoy1 for children of all ages, from 6 to 99.

Do I need a Wifi Network?

Yes. You must have Aisoy1 connected to a Wifi network for Aisoy1 to work.

Will there be apps for Aisoy1?

Yes. Later this year we will open an space to share our apps and yours.

Is the software Open Source?

We are built on top of ROS and Linux (which are, of course, open source) and other open source components, but AIROS, our emotional system for managing our robots, will remain closed and proprietary for the time being.

What languages does Aisoy1 support?

Aisoy1 understands well English language. But you can also use Spanish, French and Catalan in your programs to interact with your Aisoy1. Very soon, Aisoy1 will be able to communicate in other languages after software updates that will be available through the Aisoy Store.

Can it be developed by anyone? What programming language do I need to know?

For beginners, you have the entry-level visual programming tools Scratch by MIT and Blockly by Google. You will be able to put in practice the main Aisoy1 capabilities. For power developers, we recommend AIROS SDK and your preferred programming language. We use C++ and Python.

Do I have to be a tech geek to set this up?

You only need to set up the wifi connection in your Aisoy1 and a browser. It’s very easy.

Will there be accessories for Aisoy1?

Yes. Botmobile is the first one. Soon there will be more.

I preordered an Aisoy1, but I didn't get any information about that. How can I check the status?

Sorry, we try to keep you updated! At any moment, you may contact us at sales @ aisoy . com with the subject line: Aisoy1 pre-order status.

Aisoy1 V5

Now on wheels.
Introducing Botmobile.

Pre-order now
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